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Everyday Writing - The Setup

To explain what it is that I'm doing.

In essence, I'm shamelessly copying Dean Wesley Smith and his Writing in Public series. Every day for the next year, I will journal my efforts, my progress, my successes and my failures in getting the words down on the page, getting something finished and getting it either sold or published through self-publishing means. If I track what I'm doing, when I'm writing and when life gets in the way, I can better manage my work day for maximum output. I don't have a good feel for it right now, so this is something that is desperately needed.

I have a couple of projects already in the works in the self-publishing area that I am keeping as much separate as I can from my real life ID. One had started out as an experiment, just to try on the mantle of self-publishing and I have discovered the addictive qualities in this mode. I don't sell much or sell often but I do wish to keep it separate from my main writing identification because of reasons.

The second is a separate non-fiction pet project of mine, also a bit of an experiment and also something I didn't wish to ride on the coattails of this writing ID. However, they are very much a part of my writing day so those will be included here in keeping up with things written and finished.

My main ID though, the me you see, I have no problems talking about, quite shameless at times. So you'll see that quite a bit. Hopefully, I'll keep all pseudonym chatter to a minimum. I hate it when someone talks in vague terms and expects me to get anything from it. I hope to not be guilty of that.

Also, there are blog posts for the various projects, and emails associated therein, although not many, so it may not be significant enough to report but I will for completeness sake.

And in all this, I will be tying it into other 2014 goals that I have. I'm still massaging those goals to ensure that I haven't completely set myself up for failure. *g* But this is a good start to keep up with the main goal of 1,000,000 words by December 31, 2014.** ***

It's really weird to be starting now instead of having started at the beginning of the month, but after a few false starts, I'm now down with it and ready to go.

I will break out the number of words according to the following schema (which may change as I discover the need for more subsections):

Daily fiction:0 words |Daily fiction mtd:0 words
Nonfiction:0 words |Daily nonfiction mtd:0 words
Blog words:0 words |Blog words mtd:0 words
Emails/words:0 emails/0 words |Emails/words mtd:0 emails/0 words

**it's probably a cheat to include the word count of all the things I'm writing across the different pseudonyms and projects I have going on, along with blog post counts and email counts but words written are words written and since they are all written with the intent for consumption at some date, I feel they are fair game.

***I'm a bit behind. Not worried because I write a lot during the day. 6-8k word count days are not unheard of and happen on a regular basis.